Fully Funded Leeds University Business School Scholarship 2024-2025 in UK

Apr 3, 2024

The Leeds University Business School Scholarship is currently accepting applications. International students wishing to pursue a PhD in the UK can apply for scholarships offered by the Accounting and Finance Department at Leeds University Business School. International students can apply for this fully supported PhD scholarship in the UK starting in October 2024. We encourage applications from students who are highly motivated and have a keen interest in research. The LUBS Scholarship Program offers just five scholarships this year, with the top applicant receiving the grant. The Accounting and Finance Department of the Business School is looking for candidates who are willing to take on a demanding path.

The UK PhD scholarship program is designed for students who aspire to have a very successful future in academia or industry. Candidates must have a strong desire to succeed in all facets of life. The Accounting and Finance Department of the Business School strives to inspire students to reach their full potential and to become more passionate and interested in their courses. All countries are welcome to apply for the fully supported PhD scholarship in England, including students from the UK who are enthusiastic about their research. For overseas students, the Leeds University Business School scholarship has a 3.5-year length.

In the first instance, only the first year will receive the accounting and finance scholarship. Nevertheless, it will go on for the next 2.5 years, based on how well the scholar does academically. Leeds University fully funded scholarships are extremely competitive and merit-based, thus in order to be considered for an international scholarship in the UK, scholars must excel in their postgraduate studies. The goal of Leeds University is to make PhD education in the UK more affordable for deserving students. Thus, for exceptional, bright candidates, the Leeds University Business School Scholarship 2024 is the finest chance.

Being one of the biggest and most prominent universities in the UK, Leeds University Business School is a highly esteemed worldwide business school. It provides a range of business, finance, accounting, management, and economics undergraduate and graduate degrees. Research is the Business School’s primary focus. Leading research in a variety of areas, including as corporate governance and entrepreneurship, is carried out by its faculty. The Business School Scholarship 2024 will make it possible for talented individuals to fulfill their dreams and get free education in the UK.

What makes doing a PhD in the UK appealing? First off, top universities in the UK are well known for their excellent instruction and study in these areas. Second, earning a PhD in accounting or finance can lead to a variety of employment options, such as teaching, research, and consulting roles, as well as improved pay and job security. Therefore, for students who wish to grow in these disciplines, getting a PhD in Accounting or Finance in the UK can be a great career step.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements for the Accounting and Finance Department

Would you like to receive free education in England? then begin the application process right now! Prior to that, the conditions and eligibility criteria for the fully financed scholarship at Leeds University in the UK need to be verified.

  • Applicants should ideally have an undergraduate degree in the upper second or first class.
  • They should be in possession of a master’s degree from a British university, or its equivalent.
  • An English proficiency test result (an IELTS score of 7.0 overall is necessary) must be submitted by all applicants whose first language is not English.
  • In addition, the candidate may hold a master’s degree with a professional qualification of 70 (or its equivalent from a non-UK university). However, in the right academic field, certain exceptional individuals with a score of 65 or more may also be taken into consideration.
  • Furthermore, candidates cannot currently be enrolled in PhD programs or have already been granted a place of study.
  • New postgraduates beginning a full-time or part-time research study leading to a PhD degree are eligible for the grant.
  • The PhD Scholarship recipient must reside within commuting distance of the University of Leeds.

Leeds University Business School Scholarship 2024 Benefits

There are many advantages to the fully financed scholarship in England. Ready to receive this scholarship in its entirety? Check out the advantages of this foreign scholarship in the UK for 2024.

  • The PhD scholarship will pay all of the University of Leeds’s tuition.
  • A maintenance stipend at the usual UKRI rate—£18,622 for the academic year 2023–2024—will also be awarded to scholars.
  • Scholars will also have the chance to attend an overseas university.
  • An opportunity to improve your research abilities.
  • the chance to study at one of England’s best universities.

Application Procedure

  • Before applying for a research place of study, candidates must apply. The candidate must fill out an application for study in order to do this.
  • Candidates must fulfill the requirements for eligibility as a PhD candidate.
  • They then have to show up for two interviews in order to be eligible for this scholarship. At least four members of the academic staff will evaluate the scholars during the interviews.
  • Members of the supervisory team will be interviewed in the first round.
  • After being evaluated, the five scholarships will be given to exceptional applicants.
  • Scholarship at Leeds University’s Business School Last Day:
  • The Leeds University Business School Scholarship 2024–2025—which is fully funded—closes on May 31, 2024.

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