Fully-Funded Erasmus PhD Positions in Business and Management Award 2024

Apr 3, 2024

Are you an international student seeking a PhD in business and management that is fully funded? There’s nowhere else to look! For exceptional international students, Erasmus University Rotterdam is offering several fully-funded PhD positions. We will go over the specifics of these jobs in this post, including the requirements for eligibility, benefits, and how to apply.

About Erasmus University Rotterdam

The esteemed Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is a centre of excellence in both education and research. You won’t be required to pay tuition because, as a PhD candidate appointed to EUR, you will be regarded as an employee of the university. Furthermore, these PhD positions come with full funding and salary, giving you stability in your finances as you pursue your research.

Pay and perks

The Erasmus PhD positions that are fully funded will have salaries and benefits that align with the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO). For PhD candidates, the starting monthly salary is €2770 in year one, €3226 in year two, €3377 in year three, and €3539 in year four and year five. Please be aware that all of the amounts mentioned are fixed and gross.

Depending on the project, selected candidates are engaged for a maximum of 4 or 5 years at a full-time position. On the basis of performance reviews carried out after 18 months, additional extensions might be granted. There are a tonne of other advantages to working at EUR. These include:

  • Adaptable working hours
  • Parental and maternal leave
  • Allowance for holidays
  • Bonus at the end of the year; company childcare plan
  • Model of employment terms and options
  • Plans for life insurance and workplace savings
  • Advantageous group insurance plans
  • Access to the library and sports facilities

To obtain comprehensive details regarding the employment conditions, kindly refer to the corresponding page on the EUR website.

Outside Funding

Although ERIM funds the majority of its PhD positions internally, external funding can also be obtained in order to pursue a PhD at ERIM. External funding sources include company-funded initiatives, individual grants, and designated scholarship funds. It is significant to remember that all applicants must fulfil ERIM’s admission requirements in order to be admitted to the doctoral programme, regardless of the source of funding.

Qualification Standards

International students who wish to apply for the fully-funded Erasmus University Rotterdam Doctoral Scholarship Programme must fulfil the following requirements:

possess an MSc, MA, or MPhil degree in economics, business, or a similar discipline.
Show outstanding academic achievement from their prior degree or degrees.
Demonstrate a definite enthusiasm for and drive for scientific research.
possess a GMAT or GRE score of 85%, with results no more than five years old.
Provide the results of the TOEFL or IELTS test, with a minimum required score of 7.5 on the IELTS or 100 on the TOEFL. The results of the language exam should not be more than two years old.
Benefits of Scholarships

A wide range of advantages will be awarded to those who are chosen as successful candidates for the fully funded Erasmus University Rotterdam Doctoral Scholarship Programme, including:

  • Complete payment of tuition
  • Salary and benefits each month
  • Fixed gross monthly salaries of 2,395 euros in year one, 2,790 euros in year two, 2,920 euros in year three, and 3,061 euros in year four
  • Application Processes

Candidates interested in applying for the fully-funded Erasmus PhD positions in business and management should visit the Erasmus University Rotterdam website and complete the online application process. Every year, in November, the application platform goes live, and in mid-January or early-February, applications start to be processed. Applicants are informed of admissions decisions in the first part of March.

Candidates must scan and upload a number of documents as part of the application process, including:

  • English curriculum vitae
  • Official copies of academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic institutions
  • original scores on the TOEFL or IELTS tests

Note that each required document may only have one file, so applicants may need to combine multiple documents into one.

In summary

Erasmus University Rotterdam is the ideal location for international students seeking a fully-funded PhD position in business and management. Modern research facilities, top-notch pay and benefits, and the chance to seek outside funding make ERIM the perfect place for both professional and academic advancement. Don’t pass up the opportunity to join this esteemed organisation. Apply now to Erasmus University Rotterdam to start a fascinating research journey.

Application Deadline: Not Specified

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